Decking 101: Should You Paint or Stain Your Deck?

Hosting parties and simply relaxing on your deck by yourself or with friends and family is a great American tradition. Decks are a desirable outdoor space that extends the square footage of your home without breaking the bank. However, as with most structures or home components that are found outdoors, they will require periodic maintenance,…


Tips for Building and Designing an Amazing Deck

Adding a deck to your home can be exciting, and building and designing one can be a very personal task. Many homeowners make the mistake of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building their decks. But your new deck should match the style of your house and your living preferences.


Summer Deck Decoration Tips

With the summer season kicking in high gear, it’s the perfect time for every homeowner to go out and enjoy the summer heat. As such, this is the perfect time to redecorate your deck and give it a fresh pop for this season.