Re-Roof GAF HDZ Timberline shingles, GAF Deck Armor Underlayment, GAF 10″ Timbercrest Ridge/Hip. Installed new Velux FCM Curb Mounted Skylights and replaced siding on chimney GAF HDZ Timberline  – Barkwood


Just completed the GAF Timberline HDZ roof in Weathered Wood. They will get a Silver pledge warranty registered for the protection they need over the years from their roof.

Re-Roof due to age and granule loss, Installed GAF Systems Plus Warranty and Weathered wood Timberline HDZ shingles.

Granule loss due to age of roof, Re-Roof with GAF timberline HDZ, Systems Plus Warranty.

Shingles sliding off roof, Removed existing failing roof system, Inspected the roof deck and installed GAF Golden Pledge Warranty with Charcoal Timberline HDZ shingles.

Problem – Granule Loss, we replaced existing roofing system with GAF Golden Pledge Warranty with GAF Timberline HDZ Pewter Gray, 24″ metal valleys, Ultimate pipe jack flashings, cobra ridge vent, GAF Timbercrest 10″ bullnose ridgecap.

Heavy Granule loss on old roof system, Installed GAF Golden Pledge Timberline HDZ roof system and Velux 14″ sun tunnel.

Re-Roof with GAF Timberline HDZ charcoal, GAF Systems Plus warranty, Metal valleys and GAF cobra ridge vent system.

GAF System Plus RE-Roof.

We installed a New GAF Timberline HDZ roofing system using the (Pewter Grey) shingles. We installed this roofing system to meet the standards of the Golden Pledge warranty.