Things to Consider Before Screening in Your Deck or Porch

Porches and decks are great additions to any home. If you’re thinking about adding screens to a porch or deck that you already have, here are some things top-rated residential roofing and construction services company, Pressure Point Roofing, Inc., suggests you consider.


Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?: The Three R’s Rule

At what point do you need to replace my roof? Home- and building owners alike struggle with this question, but there’s a simple way of finding out. All you have to do is remember the three R’s of roofing: repairs, restoration and replacement.


How to Maintain Wood Decks

Wood decks are probably one of the most exposed wood structures you will have in your home. It is subjected to heat, cold, dry and wet weather so you need extra care for these extensions to last. First, You have to check decks for damages. These are not just limited to worn or warped wood…


Home Additions for Adding Property Value

One of the reasons people get their homes renovated is because they’re trying to increase its overall value. Sometimes, it’s as simple as conducting regular roof maintenance. But some residents prefer to conduct bigger projects in order to ensure bigger returns. The question is: what is the best home addition when you’re interested in increasing…


A Look at Our Financing Options

Whether a residential roofing project happens relies largely on whether you have the financial liquidity required for it or not. We understand that this is by no means a simple endeavor, which is why we offer a financing program. This program is not a one-size-fits-all affair; in order to get the best option for your…


How We Help Combat the Urban Heat Island Effect

The urban heat island effect (UHI) is a phenomenon where urban areas generate more heat than the surrounding, rural areas. These areas are hotter for a variety of reasons and can increase heat signatures by up to 10 degrees. Luckily, this phenomenon can be addressed partly by careful residential roofing and planning.


Benefits Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Offer Homes

Getting new windows brings a number of advantages, improving form and function in the home to make your living experience more enjoyable. Make sure, however, you get energy-efficient replacement units.


Popular Deck Materials for Every Home

Decks serve many purposes, but one of the best things about them is that they can be made from a number of materials. Each deck material, of course, will have its own attributes, and getting to know them is a great way to determine which one will be best for you. #2

Tips on Choosing a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When someone repairs or replaces your roof, you can’t climb the top of your house and monitor the workmanship of the crew you hire. You can only hope that you choose the right contractor once the contract is signed.


4 Main Differences Between Pitched and Flat Roofs

Appearance may be an obvious distinction between pitched and flat roofs, but they’re more dissimilar than you might think. Today, Pressure Point Roofing, Inc., expounds on how the two differ in four key areas: